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Meet Brad!

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Corporate Athlete, Business Provocateur, Speaker & Author

Multi-award winner of the prestigious Speaker Out-Performer of the Year award from Vistage International - the global forum for Chief Executives - Brad Waldron entertains, engages and delivers provocative transformational experiences to organisations seeking innovative pathways to growth.

Brad has a proven track record of helping others to succeed.  


He harnesses a rare combination of insight, humour and practical strategies to increase performance and results driven productivity.


Present Naked - the book

Some people light up the room when they present, whilst others, only light up the room once they're finished!  Both are choices...

Communicating with an audience is essential for professionals in almost every field. And while some presenters light up the floor and leave the audience wanting more, others fall flat and leave attendees wondering why they are even there.

In Present Naked, author and award-winning speaker Brad Waldron offers an essential resource that will help you develop your presentation skills and present with substance, style, and sizzle. Providing proven coaching and development techniques, this book brings together the very best tools, theories, and practices to assist you as you increase your personal confidence and ability—whether you’re speaking to one person or an arena of ten thousand.

Working with the style, content, and structure inherent to all presentations, this book draws on world-class exhibition skills and even adapted theatre methods to empower you to prioritize your key messages and draw out your own individual style.

By putting these proven techniques into practice, you’ll be able to enhance your nonverbal communication, increase your impact, and make attention-grabbing presentations that are audience-centered, memorable, and highly effective.





Informed by the same two core beliefs: people learn more from participation than observation, and people respond better to inspiration than instruction. We work equally hard to ensure that every  experience delivers benefits which are highly relevant to your everyday goals and to ensure everybody involved has an experience they won't forget!

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“It’s like having a Ricky Gervais and Tony Robbins merged into one person!”

Brad creates energy and engagement with every business audience, he makes people laugh, creates value and provides the links between the key messages of the conference and the call to action that is required.

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Brad can provide specialised facilitation. Providing skilled professional facilitation to work with you to get the best out of the time and the people in your meetings and events or to train you and your team to develop your skills and confidence in the design and facilitation of meetings.


Brad's client list spans the globe - delivering exceptional conferences from Asia to the Americas and everywhere in between.


David Sheepshanks CBE
Chairman FA Technical Advisory Board

“Brad Waldron was the first Speaker I selected when I launched my first Leadership Peer group. He delivered a memorable session of such impact that members still talk about it today as having set the benchmark by which they judge all others. He is now the first name on the teamsheet whenever I am planning something new and want maximum effect."


Raj P. 
General Manager SONY

"Brad in a single word is inspirational. He has an enormous amount of energy in understanding the needs of organisations and is exceptional at introducing theory through a creative approach. Through Brad we have achieved fantastic results in the sales environment and at the same time developed new skills within existing experienced individuals."


Sara Daw
Chief Executive
The FD Center

"Brad was our keynote speaker at our UK National Conference in 2017 and had phenomenal feedback, scoring a perfect 5 from everyone in the room!  This has never happened before for us and makes him an easy choice to bring back again this year.    Specifically, Brad listened hard to our brief, dug deep on our needs and then worked with us to ensure his keynote dovetailed with our culture and strategy.   He designed the session so that it was interactive, high energy and lots of fun whilst delivering our key messages in a memorable way which we have now adopted and embedded in our business.    It is unusual to find a keynote speaker who really hones in on the heartbeat of a business and that’s what we found in Brad."


Andrew C,
Group Managing Director, Diageo

“I have to say, the impact his programs and the philosophies he holds, have had an absolutely transformational impact on my team.

He instills authenticity and inspiration into my customer managers’ style of delivery of many high value commercial propositions. Brad also really spikes in his ability to deliver creative and distinctive Sales Conferences.

His innovative mindset has the impact of taking often dry commercial and corporate messages and landing them with the delegate with a powerful and thought provoking, but at the same time, simple and actionable impact. My people love working with Brad because of the guidance and coaching he affords them.”

Please contact me and let’s have a conversation about how I can create something for you that is uniquely motivational, relevant and beneficial to your people and your organisation’s bottom line.


UK +447925905007

33 St James's Square,


USA +17036509261

447 Broadway,
2nd FL #646,
New York, NY, 10013

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