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An industry leader

Brad is a real keynote speaking all-rounder.  His is known for his room filling energy, infectious humour and battle proven insights with immediate real world applications.

He is the multi times winner of the OutPerformer of the Year award for speaking services from Vistage International – the Global forum for Chief Executive Officers.

He is the author of Present Naked – How to deliver presentations with Substance and Sizzle.

Equally effective leading a business to drive performance or developing specialist teams and individuals to achieve greater performance and results, Brad has a proven record of helping others to succeed.

He provides a unique perspective in that he reigns from a dual exposure to winning – winning in business and winning in the sporting arena.  He harnesses a rare combination of insight, humour and practical strategies to increase performance whilst enabling people to gain more fulfilment from their work role.



Brad's high-energy, interactive sessions go far beyond traditional one-way keynotes where the audience sits and listens. One of his best clients called him the "provocative comedian" because he sets a fire under the seat of every audience member to ignite change for a remarkable transformative experience and uses humour to create immediate engagement.



As a CEO and Chairman he is a high achiever with a proven track record of delivering outstanding financial results, leading and driving change, transforming customer relationships and creating a high performance culture in teams. His unique blend of strategic commercial thinking and creative practical flair is highly valued by all with whom he works.



As a Strategist he provides winning formulas that take individuals and organizations to the next level. He has positively impacted and accelerated the performance of leading global brands such as Microsoft, L’Oreal, Sony, Warner Bros and Diageo.



As a Trainer and Coach he works with C-Suite leaders to front line sales people across a range of emerging and mature industries to help them identify their most important needs and opportunities and equip them with the skills, strategies and resilience to lead a performing business.



As an Athlete he has competed Nationally and Internationally in three differing sports winning three National Titles and one International Championship.

As a speaker he is the multi-times winner of the OutPerformer of the year from Vistage International - the global advisory board for Chief Executive Officers.


His work assignments have led him to living and working in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom.  He has worked with international peak performance coach Anthony Robbins in the UK and USA, was the UK MD of the Covey Leadership Centre.  He speaks frequently to CEOs, business leaders and organisations on business development, the new corporate paradigm, leadership and entrepreneurship.

A native Australian who has spent more time living abroad than in Australia – Aussies consider him a tourist!

Next Steps

Contact Brad

USA on +1 703 650 9261

Europe on +44 7925 905 007

Australia on +61 481472435 


You can email him direct at

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